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041 - 2002

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Great Big Sea: Yarmouth Town (trad/arr.GBS) Sea of No Cares Zoe/Rounder 01143-1026-2
  3. The Starboard List: Cruising 'Round Yarmouth (trad) Cruising 'Round YarmouthAdelphi AD1027
  4. Louis Killen: Liverpool Judies (trad) Sailors, Ships & Chanteys Knock-Out! KO-03
  5. Lee Murdock: Reuben Ranzo (trad) Standing at the Wheel Depot DEP-026 (630-557-2742)
  6. Martin Mull: Men But Seriously... The American Comedy Box 1915-1994 Rhino R271617
  7. Original Cast: I Hate Men (Cole Porter) Kiss Me, Kate Columbia Legacy SK 60536
  8. Barachois: Suite de Jigs 'live' (Uncle Jim trad / Christina's Dream E.Benoit) Naturel House Party HPP 5 (800-797-3868)
  9. Megon McDonough: House of Mannequins Blue Star Highway Sirius 92025-0003-2
  10. Conception Corporation: The Wax Museum from Conceptionland The Wax Museum from Conceptionland Cotillion SD9051
  11. Michael Cooney: Wax Museum (Kathleen Tucker) Together Again Cove Haven CHRCD001
  12. Grit Laskin: The Upper Class Shanty (Dow Jones) Unabashedly Folk Borealis BCD 124 (416-530-4288)
  13. Capitol Steps: Mr. Greenspan (Ballard/Newport-Strauss) When Bush Comes To Shove Capitol Steps CSCD-1022 (800-733-STEP)
  14. Joe Glazer: Brother Can You Spare a Dime (Jay Gorney/Yip Harburg) Folksongs of the American Dream (1604 Arbor View Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20902) Collector 1954CD
  15. David DiGiuseppe: Any Spare Change (Jessica Ruby Simpson) Movin' On Azalea City ACCD-2020
  16. Small Potatoes: The Dollar Episode (Jacquie Manning) Waltz of the Wallflowers WIND RIVER WR4010CD (877-365-5372)
  17. Michael Cooney: Squalor (Lou & Peter Berryman) Together Again Cove Haven CHRCD001 (207-832-9931)
  18. Les Barker: Detritus Arovertherapy Mrs Ackroyd DOG 015
  19. Cooper, Nelson & Early: Loch Lomond (trad/Lady John Scott PD) Return No More Porcupine PPCD 2017 (630-584-1262)
  20. The McCalmans: Highlands Tomorrow (Ian McCalman) Where the Sky Meets the Sea Greentrax CDTRAX232
  21. Niamh Parsons: My Lagan Love (trad/arr.Parsons) Heart's Desire Green Linnet GLCD 1219
  22. Blue Murder: The Banks of Sweet Primroses (trad/arr.Blue Murder) No One Stands Alone Topic TSCD537 (415-457-9080)
  23. Dervish: Packie Duignan's Jigs (trad) Live In Palma Compass 7 4340 2
  24. Tracy Spring: Bathing Suit Top Life and Art Aziz 004 (360-676-5669)
  25. Kathy Johnson: Well-Tanned, Hairy-Chested, Bare-Armed Men Small Town Girl Singing Bridge SBM0525 (PO Box 4847, Akron, OH 44310)
  26. Anne Walker: Swimsuit Blues Over My Shoulder Quiet Waters QWD101
  27. Jugularity: Piping MacTilda (trad) / Waltzing MacTilda (trad/B.Stephens-P.Mathewson) Unjugged! JUG004
  28. Kenneth Williams: Song of the Australian Outlaw The Best of Rambling Syd Rumpo EMI Starline SRS 5034
  29. Rolf Harris: Stairway to Heaven (Plant/Page) Stairways To Heaven Atlantic 82643-2
  30. Eric Bogle: Australian Through and Through (Tony Miles) Singing the Spirit Home Flying Fish FF 447
  31. Pete Seeger: To My Old Brown Earth Pete Living Music LMUS 0032 (Box 68, Litchfield, CT 06759)
  32. Megon McDonough: Every Living Thing Day By Day Sirius no#
  33. Cooper, Nelson & Early: Divine Image (trad/Wm.Blake/adapt.P.Cooper) Divine Image Porcupine PPCD 2017
  34. Blue Murder: The Goodnight Song (Jim Boyes) No One Stands Alone Topic TSCD537

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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