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023 - 2003

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Andy Stewart: Rantin' Rovin Robin (Robt.Burns/arr.Stewart) Songs of Robert Burns Green Linnet GLCD 3059
  3. Jean Redpath: Rattlin, Roarin Willie (Robt.Burns/adapt-arr. Serge Hovey) The Songs of Robt. Burns, Vols. 3 & 4 Philo CDPH1188
  4. Great Big Sea: Rant and Roar (trad/arr. Great Big Sea) Great Big Sea Sire 31023
  5. Cooper, Nelson & Early: Lea Rig (Robt.Burns) Hearts Return Porcupine PPCD1716 (630-584-1262 / coopnel@aol.com)
  6. Kate Rusby: The Fairest Of All Yarrow (trad/Rigsby) Kate Rusby 10 Compass 7 4350 2
  7. Dick Gaughan: Dowie Dens o' Yarrow (trad/arr.Gaughan) Outlaws & Dreamers Appleseed APRCD1058
  8. Red Clay Ramblers: Merchants Lunch (Thompson-Craver) Twisted Laurel Flying Fish FF70055
  9. Robert Klein: School Lunch Child of the 50s Brut Buddah 6001
  10. Shel Silverstein: Beans Taste Fine Inside Folk Songs Atlantic 8072
  11. Tom Lehrer: Smut The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino R2 79831
  12. Shelley Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirties (Berman) The Sex Life of the Primate Verve VDJ-5
  13. Eleni Kelakos: Cyber Sex ((Folkstage - March 31, 2001) WFMT recording
  14. Shelly Berman & Lovelady Powell: More Cleans and Dirties (Berman) The Sex Life of the Primate Verve VDJ-5
  15. Noel Coward: Let's Do It (Coward/Cole Porter) The Noel Coward Album Sony MDK 47253
  16. Shelley Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirties Rise Again (Berman) The Sex Life of the Primate Verve VDJ-5
  17. Joyce Andersen: The Whole World Is Doin' It (Anderson/Pirozolli) Right Where I Should Be Joyscream JM 90503
  18. Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston: The Two Sisters (trad) Drawn From the Well Wind River WR4023CD (877-365-5372)
  19. The Golden Ring: Rollin' A-Rollin' (Child #10-trad) A Gathering of Friends For Making Music Folk-Legacy CD-16

Station Break

  1. Bluegrass Mountaineers: Going To Georgia (Ralph Stanley) First Quality DS-104
  2. Gamble Rogers: Georgia State Patrol / Deep Gap Salute Philadelphia Folk Festival - 40th Anniversary (a compilation) Sliced Bread SB74440
  3. The Freight Hoppers: Hell Broke Loose In Georgia (trad) Waiting For the Gravy Train Rounder 11661-0433-2
  4. Ray Charles: Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael / Stuart Gorrell) Ray Charles Ultimate Hits Collection Rhino R2 75644
  5. Suzanne McDermott: In Perfect Time The Glory Continental Song City 1032
  6. Mustard's Retreat: The Fishing Video (Hough/Tamulevich) A Resolution of Something Mustard's Retreat no#
  7. Sally Fingerett: Ten Pound Bass My Good Company Shanachie 8033
  8. Joel Rafael Band: Talking Fishing Blues (Woody Guthrie) Woodeye IR71412
  9. Martin & Jessica Ruby Simpson: The Mermaid (trad-Simpson/Jessica Simpson) Red Roses Thunderbird TBR4001CD
  10. Kristin Lems: The Fifties Sound Oh Mama-Plus! Carolsdatter no# (847-864-0737)
  11. Robert Klein: The Fabulous 50's Child of the 50's Buddah-Brut 6001
  12. National Lampoon: Those Fabulous Sixties Radio Dinner Blue Thumb BTS-38
  13. David Mallett: Wild In the Sixties Ambition Flying Fish CDFF 674
  14. Deidre Flint: I Miss the 70s Then Again self DF 1002
  15. The Granary Girls: Herstory (Patty Kakac) Sowing Seeds Good Grains GG2829
  16. Terence Martin: Evening Sky Sleeper Good Dog Music GD0004

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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