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015 - 2004

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Tom Lewis: Blow the Man Down (trad) 360 Degrees Borealis BCD 156
  3. John Roberts - John Rockwell - Larry Young: Serafina (trad) Ye Mariners All Golden Hind GHM-106
  4. Fred Holstein: Amsterdam (Jacques Brel) Fred Holstein: A Collection Holstein 01
  5. Larry Rand: Jacques Brel and I (Nordstock - Old Town School - 10/28/2000) WFMT recording
  6. Bonnie Koloc: Up Is A Nice Place To Be Timeless preview CD
  7. Best of Friends (Paxton-Hills-Gibson): And Loving You (Gibson/Paxton) Best of Friends Appleseed APRCD 1077
  8. Sons Of the Never Wrong: Pocket (Bruce Roper) 4 ever on Gadfly 282 (888-9GADFLY)
  9. Austin Lounge Lizards: Why Couldn't We Blow Up Saddam? (Mark Graham) Strange Noises In the Dark Blue Corn BCM0303
  10. John McCutcheon: Let's Pretend Stand Up! Appalsongs 2004
  11. Tom Paxton: I Believe I Do Outward Bound Elektra EKS-7317
  12. Carrie Newcomer: Bowling Baby Betty's Diner Philo 11671-1245-2
  13. Mike Cross: Rolling That Bowling Ball Michael's Magic Music Box MMMB101
  14. The Arrogant Worms: Let's Go Bowling W...W...W... ArrogantWorms AW-444-2
  15. Cootie Stark: Lay It On You (trad/arr.C.Starck) Raw Sugar Music Maker MMCD 30 (email)
  16. Bob Dylan: Lay Lady Lay Biograph Columbia C5X 38830
  17. Ani DiFranco: You Each Time Educated Guess Righteous Babe RBR034-D

Station Break

  1. Lloyd Landa & Karen Linsley: The Pioneers Of Mars To Touch the Stars Prometheus PM-2001 (888-434-3455)
  2. Modern Man: We're Martians (Geo.Wurzbach) Modern imMaturity Inverted Turtle 86851-9937-2
  3. United Sacred Harp: White (288) (Dumas, PD) In Sweetest Union Join Community Music CM102 (web site)
  4. Cindy Mangsen: Long Time Traveling (White) (Edmund Dumas, PD) Compass Rose CRM-8CD
  5. Connie Kaldor: I Go Out Walking Vinyl Scapbook Coyote CEGCD1030
  6. Cindy Kallet: I Used To Go Walking This Way Home Stone's Throw STM-02
  7. Sacred Harp Singers at Liberty Church: I'm Going Home (trad/arr.Tim Ericksen) Cold Mountain soundtrack DMZ/Columbia CK 86843
  8. Bonnie Koloc: Cowboy Blues (Gene Autry/C.Walker) Timeless Mr. Biscuit 01
  9. Kathy Kallick: I Once Loved Reason & Rhyme Copper Creek CCCD-0215
  10. Leela & Ellie Grace: Song Unsung (E.Grace) Leela & Ellie Grace Grace Family 83707 82062
  11. Kathy Kallick: Just a Song Reason & Rhyme Copper Creek CCCD-0215
  12. Margaret MacArthur: The Old Songs (David Hanni) Philo 1001
  13. Shelley Posen: The Old Songs' Home Well Done WDM01
  14. Eddi Reader: Auld Lang Syne (trad/Robt.Burns) Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns Compass 74368 2
  15. Fred Holstein: Rock Me To Sleep (Tom Hunter) Fred Holstein: A Collection Holstein 01
  16. Cindy Kallet: Longed So Far This Way Home Stone's Throw STM-02

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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