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034 - 2004

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Pete Seeger: To Everyone In All the World Rainbow Quest Smithsonian Folkways F-2454
  3. JP Jones: Every Boy Every Girl Jeremiah Vision Company 021904
  4. John Prine: Everybody Diamonds In the Rough Atlantic 7240-2
  5. Kate Wolf: Everybody's Looking For the Same Thing (K.Wolf/Hugh Shacklett) Lines On Paper Rhino R2 71480
  6. Sons Of the Never Wrong: Everybody's Gotta (Bruce Roper) 4 ever on Gadfly 282
  7. Martha Schlamme: Everybody Loves Saturday Night (trad-arr.Elyakum Shapira) At Town Hall Vanguard VSD-2063
  8. Brian Joseph: The Road To Endarkenment King of Echo Park FrogSongs FSR0116
  9. Betty Elders: Just To Have You Hum Along (The Futon Song) Crayons Flying Fish FF 70642
  10. Gibson & Camp: Two In the Middle At the Gate of Horn Collectors' Choice CCM-227-2
  11. Ken Hicks: Fast Food (Folkstage - Old Town School, April 4, 2004) WFMT recording
  12. Judy Small: Golden Arches The Best of Judy Small Crafty Maid CMM007CD
  13. Stevens & Gridnic: Fast Food Dr. Demento 25th Anniversary Collection Rhino R2 72124
  14. Chris Chandler & Anne Feeney: Fast Food Confederacy (Rockstroh-Chandler) Flying Poetry Circus self
  15. Stan Freberg: The Boston Tea Party Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America Rhino R2 72476
  16. Zoë Lewis: Cuppa Tea Sheep Dog Called Dog 83707 31412
  17. Larry Young w/ John Rockwell & John Roberts: You Gentlemen of Boston (trad/arr.L.Young) Ye Mariners All Golden Hind GHM-106
  18. Anne Hills w/ Michael Smith & Jamie O'Reilly: The Boston Beguine (Sheldon Harnick) Scarlet Confessions (Folkstage - 6/10/2000) WFMT recording

Station Break

  1. Emma's Revolution (Humphries & Opatow): Silent Spring One Big W MFM3413
  2. Calico: Metal Drums (Patty Larkin) Songdogs KRL CDLDL 1306
  3. Evalyn Parry: Weed Free Unreasonable Borealis BCD 160
  4. Sonia: No Bomb Is Smart Disappear CD1003
  5. Natalie MacMaster: The Devil and the Dirk medley: The Carignan Clog (J.Carignan) / The Devil and the Dirk / Lord Gordon's Reel / Golden Lochs (trad/arr.MacMaster) Blueprint Rounder 11661-7056-2
  6. Alasdair Fraser & Natalie MacMaster: St. Kilda's Wedding / Brose & Butter (trad) Fire & Grace Culburnie CUL 121D
  7. Eddi Reader: Brose and Butter (trad-Robt. Burns/arr.Reader-Carr-Cunningham, et.al.) Sings the Songs of Robert Burns Compass 7 4368 2
  8. Steeleye Span: Cam Ye O'er Frae France (trad/arr.Steeleye) Spanning the Years Chrysalis 7243 8 32236 2 6
  9. Christine Lavin: What kind ridiculous glamour trajectory am I on? / What Was I Thinking? / Martha Stewart-Victoria's Secret-Bob Dylan-Pachelbel? / The Tacobel Canon Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best Appleseed APRC CD 1079
  10. Trout Fishing In America: Pico De Gallo (E.Kaitz/M.Caine) Family Music Party Trout TRT-13
  11. Larry Penn: Run, Kate Shelley, Run Queens of the Past Cookie Man CM-4 (email)
  12. Gerry Lukacik: Toldeo, Peoria & Western 1887 History: Past & Present Rollin' The Hay no# (email)
  13. Freyda Epstein: Prism (Bob Vasile) / Rain Night (Cindy Kallet) Midnight at Cabell Hall Red House RHRCD 55

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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