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016 - 2006

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Jan Krist: You Got Me, I Got You The Yellow Room Gang Yellow Room YRR001
  3. Marty Feldman: You Without Me The Crazy World of Marty Feldman Brit.Decca SPA 134
  4. Gypsy (orig.London cast-Angela Lansbury): Together (Jule Styne/Stephen Sondheim) RCA Victor 60571-2-RG
  5. Hugh Blumenfeld: Mozart's Money 1800PRIMECD 021
  6. David Ippolito: Where'd That Money Go private recording
  7. Bob Franke: Invasion of the Money Snatchers In This Night Flying Fish FF 70563
  8. Annie Gallup: 1917 Half My Crime Waterbug WBG 70
  9. James Talley: Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money, But We Sure Got a Lot of Love Cimarron CIM 1001
  10. Bryan Bowers: Big Band Theory (Mark Graham) For You Flying Fish FF70524
  11. Capitol Steps: Evolution It's Not Over 'Til the First Lady Sings CapSteps CSCD-1020
  12. Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain: The Creator's Pet The Best of Mark Twain Tonight! (Samuel Clemens-adapt.Holbrook) Columbia Legacy SK 86228
  13. Marley's Ghost: Old Time Religion (trad-arr.Marley's Ghost) Spooked Sage Arts SA0208
  14. Bonnie Koloc: The Snake Here To Sing Mr. Biscuit 03
  15. Fred Small: Hot Frogs on the Loose Flying Fish FF 74550
  16. Woody Allen: The Moose Standup Comic Rhino R2 75721

Station Break

  1. Cindy Mangsen: Meow (Cheryl Wheeler) Cat Tales Compass Rose CRM-10CD
  2. Grant Baynham: The Cat Song Listen Wilf's WB001
  3. Marc Gunn & The Dubliners' Tabby Cats: The Demented Cat Game (trad/Gunn) Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers Mage 06747 00272
  4. Bonnie Koloc: Crumbs in the Butter Here to Sing Mr. Biscuit 03
  5. Bill Cosby: The Wife 200 M.P.H. Warner Bros. R2 74617
  6. Richard Dyer-Bennet: Eggs and Marrowbone Dyer-Bennet 2 Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD 40142
  7. Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia: Isn't That So (Jesse Winchester) Bethany & Rufus Little Monster 83707 10830
  8. Mark Dvorak: Not War Every Step of the Way Waterbug WBG68
  9. Freebo: A Soldier at War (Freebo/Freebo-Robt.Tepper-Brian Joseph) Before the Separation Poppabo PM2003
  10. Si Kahn: When the War Is Over We're Still Here Strictly Country SCR-57
  11. Marianne Girard: If I Had Wings In This Town My Paint MPM 01-2002
  12. Bonnie Dobson: Dink's Song (trad) Dear Companion Prestige Int. 13031
  13. Robin Greenstein: Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well) (trad) Images of Women, Vol. 1 Windy RPG-218-2
  14. John Schindler: Solo Memory Train self 86851-3669-2
  15. David Maloney: Icarus (Anne Lister) Reilly & Maloney Backstage Freckle FR-01912
  16. Debi Smith: Pass It On Cupid self 83707 02240
  17. David Barrett: Gamble's Song (Pass It On) The Yellow Room Gang Yellow Room YRR001

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