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009 - 2008

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Pine Leaf Boys: Wild Side of Life (Wm.Warren/Arlie Carter) Blues de Musicien Arhoolie 533
  3. Tom Paxton: Bottle of Wine Live from Mountain Stage Blue Plate BPM 404
  4. Red Stick Ramblers: Made in the Shade (Linzay Young) Sugar Hill SUGCD-4038
  5. Lou & Peter Berryman: Chantey from the British Isles The Universe: 14 Examples Cornbelt CR 17
  6. John Roberts: The Campanero (trad) Sea Fever Golden Hind GHM-108CD
  7. William Pint & Felicia Dale: Rolling Down to Old Maui (trad) The Set of the Sail Waterbug WBG076
  8. Les Amis Creole: The Poullard Special (John Poullard) Les Amis Creole Arhoolie 529
  9. Pine Leaf Boys: Creole Mardi Gras (Cedric Watson) Blues de Musicien Arhoolie 533
  10. Victoria Parks & the Duhst Bunnies: You Want Me to Be Yer Mom Duhmocracy Wild Man WMM-40504
  11. Roy Book Binder: New Age Woman Blues Singer-Songwriter Bluesman Pegleg PL7003-3
  12. Terri Hendrix: If I Had a Daughter The Spiritual Kind Wilory WR 30008
  13. Kristin Lems: My Mom's a Feminist Equality Road Carolsdatter 00261 21588
  14. Cindy Mangsen: Daughters of Feminists (Nancy White) Songlines Compass Rose CRM-5CD
  15. John McCutcheon: Oprah Seat This Fire Appalsongs 2007
  16. John Phillips: Got to Marry Oprah Tiny Notes, Big Ol' World self JCP 10001
  17. Tom Chapin: Martha & Oprah (Michael Mark/Tom Chapin) Common Ground Gadfly 271
  18. Four Bitchin' Babes (Sally Fingerett): TV Talk Fax It! Charge It! Shanachie 8018

Station Break

  1. Pine Leaf Boys: Pardon Waltz (Belton Richard) Blues de Musicien Arhoolie 533
  2. Rachel Ries: I Could Leave Without a Bird SoDak 001
  3. Lowen & Navarro: Walk Away Renee (M.Brown-B.Calilli-T.Sansome) Hogging the Covers Red Hen Egg 5
  4. Brian Cutean: Standing People Trees Hearthearthearth BTU 342
  5. Paul Simon: American Tune There Goes Rhymin' Simon Warner Bros. R2 78900
  6. Norah Jones: American Anthem (Gene Scheer) The War - The Soundtrack Columbia Legacy 88697 10203 2
  7. Pat Wictor: Heaven Is So High Risky Disc RDR005
  8. Eileen McGann: Let There Be Angels Light Dragonwing DRGN 117
  9. Eric Bibb: I Heard the Angels Singing (Rev. Gary Davis) An Evening with Eric Bibb M.C. Records 0059
  10. Glen Reid: Sing with the Angels (Rick Fielding) Dusty Ol' Denim Royston Road RRM07CD03
  11. Joe Jencks: Tikun Olam The Candle and the Flame Turtle Bear TBM 072707-1
  12. Glen Reid: Cast Your Bread Dusty Ol' Denim Roystone Road RRM07CD03
  13. John McCutcheon: Forgive Us This Fire Appalsongs 2007
  14. Carey Creed: Psalm 62:5 (Gerald G. May/trad) Peace of Wild Things Azalea City ACCD 0705

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