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013 - 2009

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Spider John Koerner: Thief River Falls (John Koerner - Willy Murphy) Red House 25, Vol.2: 1993-2000 Red House RHRCD215
  3. Claudia Schmidt: Bend in the River Red House 25, Vol.1: 1983-93 Red House RHRCD215
  4. Bill Staines: So Sang the River Red House 25, Vol.2: 1993-2000 Red House RHRCD215
  5. Tommy Sands w/ Moya & Fionan: Ballyvalley Brae Let the Circle Be Wide Appleseed APRCD 1114
  6. Matt & Shannon Heaton: Poll Halfpenny (The Blackbird / Poll Halfpenny) (trad) Lovers' Well Eats CD008
  7. Tom Rush: East of Eden (Jack Tempchin-John Brannen) What I Know Appleseed APRCD1115
  8. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Gentle Arms of Eden (D.Carter) Drum Hat Buddha Signature Sounds SIG1266
  9. Priscilla Herdman: Blue Boat Home (Pritchard/Peter Mayer) Into the Stars Stardreamer SDM2001
  10. Compadres (James Keelaghan & Oscar Lopez): Why Don't You Just Grow Up (J.Keelaghan) Compadres Jericho Beach JBM9701-2
  11. Holly Cole: I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits) Temptation Metro Blue CDP72438316532
  12. The Dreamsicles (Cary Cooper): When I Was Grown Up (Folkstage - February 9, 2008) WFMT recording
  13. Anne Hills: Run the Film Backwards (Sydney Carter) (Midnight Special 50th Anniversary New Year's Eve - January 1, 2004) WFMT recording
  14. Utah Phillips: All Used Up Red House 25, Vol.2: 1993-2000 Red House RHRCD215
  15. Tom Pacheco: Teddy Roosevelt The Best of Tom Pacheco, Vol. 1 Frog's Claw 10006
  16. Jackson Browne: Going Down to Cuba Time the Conqueror Inside no#

Station Break

  1. Dervish: Grainne (Cathy Jordan/Sharon Vaughn) Travelling Show Whirling WHRL 011
  2. Edith Piaf: Le Chant du Pirate (Monnot/Contet) The Passion of Edith Piaf Pr1mo PRMCD6053
  3. The Yellow Room Gang (Jan Krist): A Pirate's Life for Me Happy New Day Yellow Room YRR009
  4. Natural Bob Holdsworth & Micky Holdsworth: White Collar Pirate (Bob Holdsworth)Stuck in the 60s...Cooler Near the Lake NBMQ 6702
  5. James Lee Stanley: The World We Left Behind The Eternal Contradiction Beechwood BR2473-2
  6. Michael Smith: Dead Egyptian Blues (Mr. Tut) Love Letter on a Fish Tales from the Tavern 30
  7. Jorma Kaukonen: River of Time Red House RHRCD217
  8. Rachel Harrington: I Don't Want to Get Adjusted to This World (trad) City of Refuge Skinny Dennis 00261 24495
  9. Ed Miller: The Rigs o' Barley (Robt.Burns) Lyrics of Gold Wellfield CD-027D
  10. Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: The New Mown Hay (trad,arr.Carthy-Swarbrick) Skin & Bone Green Linnet GLCD 3075
  11. Ed Miller: The Lea-Rig (Robt.Burns) Lyrics of Gold Wellfield CD-027D
  12. Niamh Parsons w/ Graham Dunne: The Rigs of Rye (trad,arr. Parsons-Dunne-Dennis Cahill) Heart's Desire Green Linnet GLCD 1219
  13. Ed Miller: Comin' Thro' the Rye (Robt.Burns) Lyrics of Gold Wellfield CD-027D
  14. Hart Rouge: A La Claire Fountaine (Pierre Guerin/trad) Red House 25, Vol.2: 1993-2000 Red House RHRCD215
  15. Ed Miller: My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose (Robt.Burns) Lyrics of Gold Wellfield CD-027D

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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