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038 - 2010

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Naming the Twins: Somedays (Robbie Smith) Sweet Transitions Duet Right 001
  3. Karen Savoca: Somedays Sunday in Nandua Alcove 31597
  4. Ian & Sylvia: Someday Soon (Ian Tyson) Greatest Hits! Vanguard 5/6
  5. Noah Earle: Someday Postcards from Home Mayapple 0223
  6. Bob Dylan: I Shall Be Released Biograph Columbia CK38833
  7. Krista Detor: From Miss Emma Brawley Chocolate Paper Suites Tightrope 255 102
  8. David Celia: Bug's Apocalypse I Tried XXI Universal 1723
  9. Daniel Marcotte: The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage (trad,adapt.Marcotte, music Marcotte) Grimm's Grimmest Heineman/Marcotte 84501 2870
  10. Tom Rush: Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry) Take a Little Walk with Me Collectors' Choice 230-2
  11. Roy Zimmerman: Limbaugh (How Low Can You Go?) Real American Metaphor 923
  12. Tom Paxton: I Believe I Do Outward Bound Elektra 8122 76509-2
  13. Punch Brothers: Rye Whiskey Antifogmatic Nonesuch 521980-2
  14. Lorraine & Bennett Hammond: Rye Whiskey (trad) Jingalo Gypsy Snowy Egret 112891
  15. Frank Proffitt: Rye Whiskey (trad) Frank Proffitt of Reese, NC Folk-Legacy 1
  16. Rev. Gary Davis: Sally, Where'd You Get Your Liquor From (trad-Davis) At Home and Church Stefan Grossman 130/1/2
  17. cloudstreet: Across the Western Plains (All for Me Grog) (trad, arr. John Thompson) The Circus of Desires self 06
  18. Jeni & Billy: I Saw a Man at the Close of Day (trad, arr. Hankins-Kemp) Longing for Heaven Jewell Ridge 005

Station Break

  1. Shelley Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirtys The Sex Life of the Primate Laugh.com 1186
  2. Audra McDonald: My Stupid Mouth (John Mayer) Build a Bridge Nonesuch 79862-2
  3. Shelley Berman & Lovelady Powell: More Cleans and Dirtys The Sex Life of the Primate Laugh.com 1186
  4. Mandy Troxel: When Words Lose Their Meaning Oasis sampler Vol. 41
  5. Shelley Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirtys Rise Again The Sex Life of the Primate Laugh.com 1186
  6. Artisan: Dancing with Words (Brian Bedford) Boing 0007
  7. Shelley Berman & Lovelady Powell: The Beginning Is a Clean The End Is a Dirty The Sex Life of the Primate Laugh.com 1186
  8. Tim Grimm: Everybody's Gone Crazy The Back Fields Wind River 4035
  9. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/Olivia Colman: iReckon That Mitchell & Webb Sound: Series Four BBC Audio
  10. Simone: Go to Hell (Bailey) Simone on Simone Koch 4494
  11. Martyn Joseph: Strange Way Evolved Pipe 019
  12. James Gordon: Kelvinator My Stars Your Eyes Borealis 200
  13. Jill O'Hara: Kitchen Man (Edna Pinkard / Andy Razaf) Alone Together self no#
  14. David Williams & the Wildgrass Band featuring Kristina Murray: Kitchen Table (David Williams) The Crazy Kind Trapdoor 45121 01500 (email)
  15. Truckstop Honeymoon: Latch Key Kid Recipe Book (Katie Euliss-Mike West) Homemade Haircut Squirrel 1055
  16. Christine Lavin: Cold Pizza for Breakfast Redux Cold Pizza for Breakfast Yellow Tail 10024
  17. Naming the Twins: Oh Life! (Robbie Smith) Sweet Transitions Duet Right 001
  18. Grace Griffith: My Life (Iris DeMent) Blix Street G2-10085
  19. Nancy Tucker: In This Life (Pat Humphries) The Longing self 83707 27982

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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