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041 - 2010

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Tim O'Brien: The Sun Jumped Up Chicken & Egg Howdy Skies 1005
  3. Sutton Foster: I Like the Sunrise (Duke Ellington) Wish Ghostlight 8-3316
  4. L.J. Booth: Hills of Morning The Road That Leads Me Home Firefly Jar 004
  5. Bonnie Koloc: Morning, Morning (Wayne Wadhams-Don Askew) Beginnings Mr. Biscuit 04
  6. Pete Seeger, Dar Williams & The Rivertown Kids: Solartopia (P.Seeger/David Bernz, chorus by Harvey Wasserman-Seeger) Tomorrow's Children Appleseed 1123
  7. Kim & Reggie Harris w/ Charlie King & Karen Brandow: Solar Carol (trad/Austin-Dorsey-King-Taylor) Simplicity Appleseed 1061
  8. Carey Creed: O Sun (Peter Mayer) Peace of Wild Things Azalea City 0705
  9. Frank Meyer: Dagnabit Thangmaker 2004
  10. John Hartford: The Poor Old Prurient Interest Blues John Hartford RCA 4156
  11. Lou & Peter Berryman: A Chat with Your Mother What, Again?! Cornbelt 900
  12. Steve Goodman: Mind Your Own Business Steve Goodman Buddha 7446599625 2
  13. Andy Scheinman: Talking Dirty and Writing Bad Checks Singer-Songwriter Heaven - The Songs of Kevin Faherty self 84501 24502
  14. Joan Baez: Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word Any Day Now Vanguard 797472
  15. Mollie O'Brien & Rich Moore: Keep It Clean (Charley Jordan) Saints & Sinners Remington Road 0683
  16. Woody Guthrie & family: Cleano Woody's 20 Grow Big Songs Warner Bros. 9 45020-2
  17. South Pacific (orig.cast-Mary Martin): I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outa My Hair (Rodgers/Hammerstein) Columbia 90722
  18. Ariane Lydon: Come Clean My Chimney Still She Moves Overt 8510-2

Station Break

  1. Joel Mabus: Two Cents Plain No Worries Now. . . Fossil 2009
  2. Louis Rosen & Capathia Jenkins: The Middle-Class (Used to Be) Blues (Rosen) The Ache of Possibility Di-tone 225
  3. Roy Zimmerman: End of the Ship Real American Metaphor 923
  4. Phil Ochs: The Scorpion Departs But Never Returns Farewells & Fantasies Elektra-Rhino 73518
  5. David Ackles: Ballad of the Ship of State American Gothic Collectors' Choice 311-2
  6. Natalie Merchant w/ Hazmat Modine: The Peppery Man (Merchant/Arthur Macy) Leave Your Sleep Nonesuch 522301-2
  7. Tim O'Brien: Sinner Chicken & Egg Howdy Skies 1005
  8. Suzanne Vega: Bound Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs Amanuensis 2501
  9. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Must I Go Bound (trad-Ste.Marie) Many a Mile Vanguard 79171
  10. Eric Andersen: I Shall Go Unbounded 'Bout Changes & Things Vanguard 79206
  11. The Refugees: Unbound (Cindy Bullens - Deborah Holland - Wendy Waldman) Wabuho 9703
  12. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald: If You Hadn't Been Lucky From the Fire Freehwheel 109
  13. Punch Brothers: This Is the Song (Good Luck) Antifogmatic Nonesuch 521980-2

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