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022 - 2011

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Bonnie Koloc: Red Hot Red Here to Sing Mr. Biscuit 03
  3. Susan Werner: Red Dress Kicking the Beehive Sleeve Dog 84501 42863
  4. Ronnie Gilbert: The Girl in the Red Velvet Dress (David Hornung/Lyn Hardy) Love Will Find a Way Abbe Alice 915
  5. Larry & Nicole: The Waterbed Polka Deep-dish Folk Junior Dog 84501 17639
  6. Bill & Kate Isles: The Sutra (comma) Minnesota Polka Matching Baggage 0905
  7. Bob Franke: Acid Polka The Other Evening in Chicago Waterbug 066
  8. Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune Elektra 960832-2
  9. Joan Baez: Strange Rivers (John Stewart) Play Me Backwards Virgin 07777 86458-2
  10. Joe Crookston: Good Luck John Darkling & the BlueBird Jamboree Milagrito 62011
  11. Bob Newhart: Driving Instructor Something like this. . . Warner Rhino 76742
  12. Kim & Reggie Harris: Passive Restraint Rock of Ages Appleseed APRCD 1034
  13. Emily Kaitz: Dial & Drive Don't Think It Hasn't Been Fun Pingleblobber 0901
  14. Frencham Smith: Watch the Road Into My Room (Fred "Ian Campbell" Smith) self 0004
  15. The Outside Track: Swerving for Bunnies Curious Things Given Wings Mad River 1020
  16. Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers: Hide Behind a Rock Rare Bird Alert Rounder 1161 0660-2

Station Break

  1. Bruce Roper: If I Gave Accidental English Waterbug 0097
  2. Archie Fisher: All That You Ask Me (Keiran Goss) Sunsets I've Galloped Into. . . Red House 82
  3. The Mitchell Trio: If I Gave You (Martin/Gray) The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio Collectors' Choice 373-2
  4. Grace Pettis: Love Is There Grace Pettis Blue Rock 1020
  5. Michael Smith: 505 Miles From Here (pledge premium for Ann Laurence) WFMT recording
  6. (Lynn) Adler & (Lindy) Hearne: Soup's On (Lindy Hearne-Lisa Aschmann) Opposites Attract Spring Hollow 0105
  7. Allan Sherman: Strange Things in My Soup (Sherman-Goldberg) My Son the Box Rhino Handmade 7891
  8. Claudia Schmidt: Somebody Else's Restaurant Wings of Wonder Red House 144
  9. Garnet Rogers: Underpass Firefly Snow Goose 26006 11292
  10. Susan Werner: Sleeping on a Train Kicking the Beehive Sleeve Dog 84501 42863
  11. David Bromberg: Mr. Bojangles The Player: A Retrospective Columbia Legacy 65263
  12. David Roth: Heaven on Earth Nights at the Chez Maythelight 1004
  13. Uncle Bonsai: Heaven on Earth (Andrew Ratshin) The Grim Parade Yellow Tail 10025
  14. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: Kid with the Comic Book (Trevor Mills) Being There Compass Rose 11
  15. Don Henry: Mr. God Don Henry Love Child no#
  16. Randy Newman: God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman Reprise 75567

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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