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023 - 2011

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD-40068/71
  2. Pete Morton: Good Enough for Me Economy Annson 100
  3. Pearl Bailey: That's Good Enough for Me (Robt. Fisher) Pearl Bailey Entertains Columbia 6099
  4. Laura Love: Good Enough You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes Koch 9553
  5. Joe Crookston: Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee Milagrito 62011
  6. Tom Rush w/ Nanci Griffith: Casey Jones (W.Saunders-trad,arr.T.Rush) What I Know Appleseed 1115
  7. Andrew Calhoun: Casey Jones (W.Saunders, arr.A.Calhoun) Grapevine Waterbug 99
  8. Pete Seeger & The Almanac Singers: Casey Jones (Union Scab) (Joe Hill-E.W.Newton) Classic Labor Songs Smithsonian Folkways 40166
  9. Shel Silverstein: Wreck of the Old '49 Inside Folk Songs Water 215
  10. Jamie Anderson: Public Radio Better Than Chocolate Tsunami 1033
  11. The Foremen: Privateers of the Public Airwaves (Roy Zimmerman) What's Left Reprise 9 46246-2
  12. U. Utah Phillips: Talking NPR Blues Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook Daemon 19047
  13. Austin Lounge Lizards: Mourning Edition (Hank Card-Conrad Deisler) Small Minds Watermelon 1034
  14. Harvey Andrews w/ John Shephard: Missing Persians File (Harvey Andrews/Les Barker) Missing Persians File - Guide Cats for the Blind Vol. 2 Osmosys 032
  15. Plum Jam: Persian Cat (Paul Rosen/Janice Malec) Taste Test self
  16. Geoff Bartley: The Cat Song Put the Big Stone Down Joshua Omar's 1006
  17. Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune Elektra 960832-2
  18. Joan Baez: Strange Rivers (John Stewart) Play Me Backwards Virgin 07777 86458-2
  19. Joe Crookston: Good Luck John Darkling & the BlueBird Jamboree Milagrito 62011

Station Break

  1. Alison Krauss & Union Station: Paper Airplane (Robt. Lee Castleman) Rounder 11661-06652
  2. Willy Porter: Paper Airplane High Wire Live Six Degrees 657036 2094-2
  3. Byrd & Street: My Airplane in the Backyard in the Sky (Tommy Byrd) Love Broke the Fall self 50532 08482
  4. Mark Dvorak: The Middle Years Time Ain't Got Nothin' on Me Waterbug 0098
  5. Susan Werner: Irrelevance Kicking the Beehive Sleeve Dog 84501 42863
  6. Bruce Roper: Midlife Accidental English Waterbug 0097
  7. Lois Morton: Passing By As I See It Green Robin 84502 415155
  8. Tom Rush: Tin Angel (Joni Mitchell) The Circle Game Elektra 74018-2
  9. Cabin in the Sky (orig. soundtrk-Ethel Waters): Taking a Chance on Love (Vernon Duke/John LaTouche) Rhino 72245
  10. Cairn to Cairn: Love Is Teasing (trad) Cairn to Cairn Wenonah 00261 28042
  11. Amy Speace: Had to Lose (A.Speace-Jonathan Byrd) Land Like a Bird Thirty Tigers 7061195
  12. Emma Chambers: I Don't Like My Boomerang (Les Barker) Missing Persians File - Guide Cats for the Blind Vol. 2 Osmosys 032
  13. Marais & Miranda: The Cat Came Back (trad,arr.Josef Marais) Returning Home Metaforce 1001
  14. Rodney Bowes: One-Way Cul-de-Sac Missing Persians File - Guide Cats for the Blind Vol. 2 Osmosys 032
  15. Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Ramblers: Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back (John Frazier-Steve Martin/ Steve Martin) Rare Bird Alert Rounder 11661-0660-2
  16. Barb Barton: Blessing Song (Claudia Schmidt) Turtle Dove Asarae 006
  17. Nell Robinson: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (Robt.Robinson, PD) Loango Hearth 24101 74832

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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