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043 - 2012

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Maria Sangiolo w/ Lui Collins: Farmer's Market A to Z (Lui Collins) Planting Seeds Raging River 107
  3. Tom Chapin: Farmer's Market Good (Michael Mark - Tom Chapin) Give Peas a Chance Sundance 82148-11252
  4. Dan Zanes & Friends: The Farmer Is the One (trad, add.lyrics Donald Saaf, arr.Dan Zanes) Little Nut Tree Festival Five 016
  5. Pete Morton: A Farmer's Boy (trad) Trespass Harbourtown 037
  6. Curtis & Loretta: Next Market Day Sit Down Beside Me Haymarket 106
  7. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Chasing What's Already Gone Ashes and Roses Zoe-Rounder 01143-11502
  8. Arlo Guthrie: City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman) In Times Like These Rising Son 1126
  9. Lisa Biales: Peaches Just Like Honey Big Song 23
  10. The Gateway Singers: Apples, Peaches and Cherries (Lewis Allen) Down in the Valley MGM 3905
  11. Nancy White: Stickers on Fruit Borealis 147
  12. Kenneth Williams: Buy British (Peter Cook) The World of Kenneth Williams Brit. Decca 64
  13. The Capitol Steps (Michael Forrest): Buy, Buy American Pie (Don McLean/Newport-Eaton) Campaign and Suffering CapSteps 1028
  14. Charlie King: Buy, Buy This American Car Food Phone Gas Lodging Flying Fish FF70536
  15. Jerry Douglas: American Tune (Paul Simon) / Spain (Chick Corea-Joaquin Rodrigo) Traveler E-one 2128
  16. Odetta: Pastures of Plenty (Woody Guthrie) Ballad for Americans Vanguard 2057
  17. Woody Guthrie: Hard Travelin' My Dusty Road Rounder 11661-11622

Station Break

  1. Ann Rabson: What's Good for the Gander Is Good for the Goose Struttin' My Stuff MC 0041
  2. Twangtown Paramours: Walks Like a Duck (Mike T. Lewis) The Promise of Friday Night Inside Edge 002
  3. Larry Hanks & Deborah Robbins: Katy Cruel (trad) Old Days Zippety Whippet 00261-34574
  4. Gordon Bok: Easy and Slow (trad) Because You Asked Timberhead Music 18
  5. The Steel Wheels: Know Her Name (Trent Wagler) Lay Down Lay Low self 002
  6. Carrie Newcomer w/ Slats Klug, piano: My True Name Philo 1223
  7. John Gorka: I Think of You (Bruce "Utah" Phillips) So Dark You See Red House 223
  8. David Mitchell & Robert Webb w/ Olivia Colman: Board Games That Mitchell & Webb Sound: Series Four BBC Audio
  9. Anne Dodson: Monopoly (Richard Berman) Against the Moon Beech Hill 105
  10. Jim Nabors: Games People Play (Joe South) Golden Throats 3: Sweet Hearts of Rodeo Drive Rhino 71867
  11. Mary Chapin Carpenter: I Tried Going West Ashes and Roses Zoe-Rounder 01143-11502
  12. Gordon Bok: Go East (Nadine Laughlin) Because You Asked Timberhead Music 18
  13. Connie Dover: I Am Going to the West The Border of Heaven Taylor Park 0401
  14. The Honey Dewdrops: It's Hard to Pray (Kagey Parrish-Laura Wortman) Silver Lining self 00261 35659
  15. Craig Bickhardt: Prayers for You Live at Sellersville Theater Stone Barn 1006

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