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034 - 2013

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Stan Rogers: The Mary Ellen Carter Between the Breaks. . . Live! Fogarty's Cove FCM-002D
  3. Buddy Miller: Yellow Submarine (Paul McCartney) Let Us In Americana - The Music of Paul McCartney for Linda Reviver 53738-05192
  4. Patty Larkin w/ Jennifer Kimball: Coming Up For Air (P.Larkin) Patty Larkin/25 Signature Sounds 2028
  5. Tret Fure: A Piece of the Sky Tomboy girl 83106
  6. Carolann Solebello: Alice Threshold Elizabeth 011
  7. Dave Porter: Alice Who Dunnit? RedBud 1016
  8. Lucy Ward: Alice in the Bacon Box Adelphi Has to Fly Navigator 047
  9. Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: Jesus on the Mainline (trad) Live Diving Duck 10023
  10. Randy Brown: Border Radio But wait there's more. . . self 4512105625
  11. The Goldcoast Singers: Plastic Jesus (Rush-Cromarty) Here They Are. . . World Pacific 1806
  12. Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt: Turn Your Radio Off (Albert E. Brumley/new words Claudia Schmidt) Evidence of Happiness self 00261-35207
  13. Michael Reno Harrell: I Don't Listen to the Radio Then There's Me self 00261-36148
  14. Judy Collins: Gauguin (Jimmy Webb) Paradise Wildflower 1329
  15. Don McLean: Vincent American Pie Capitol 72435-84279-2-9
  16. Tom Bliss: Van Gogh (trad/Les Barker) Herding Cats - Songs and Poems of Les Barker Osmosys 055/056

Station Break

  1. Stan Rogers: Bluenose Turnaround Borealis 215
  2. Rosalee Peppard: Bluenose Ghosts Legacy Mayflower 002
  3. Gordon Bok w/ Cindy Kallet: Homeward Bound (John Broomhall/D.H. Rogers) Neighbors Timberhead Music 008
  4. David Knutson & The Mrs. Ackroyd Band: Sloop John A (trad/Les Barker) Tubular Dogs Mrs. Ackroyd 014
  5. Lois Morton: Law and Order 20th Century Girl self no#
  6. Dave Frishberg: My Attorney Bernie The Dave Frishberg Songbook, Volume No. 2 OmniSound 1051
  7. Chuck Brodsky: Talk to My Lawyer Two Sets Waterbug 84
  8. Battlefield Band: The Eight Men of Moidart / The Amorous Carling / Lochiel's Awa Tae France (trad,arr. Battlefield Band) Room Enough for All Temple 2106
  9. Black Lillies: All This Living (Cruz Contreras) Runaway Freeway Blues North Knox 84501-86615
  10. The Boxcar Lilies: Don't Send Me Up to Heaven (Katie Clarke) self 0102
  11. Tripping Lily: I Have No Idea The Day Everything Became Nothing self 43157-40705
  12. The Sea The Sea (Mira Stanley & Chuck E. Costa): Watertreader self no#
  13. Joni Mitchell: The Dawntreader Song to a Seagull Reprise 6293-2
  14. Stan Rogers: Make and Break Harbor Fogarty's Cove Borealis 213

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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