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032 - 2014

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways SFCD40068/71
  2. Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, Annie Savage,v: Bramble and the Rose (Barbara Keith) Western Branches self 00261-37895
  3. John Flynn: The Pennywhistle and the Rose Poor Man's Diamonds Flying Stone 009
  4. Eliza Gilkyson: The Red Rose and the Thorn The Nocturne Diaries Red House 264
  5. Tumbling Bones: Red, Red Rose (Kyle Morgan) Loving a Fool self 93447-36692
  6. Carlene Carter: Give Me the Roses (A.P.Carter) Carter Girl Rounder 11661-9184-2
  7. Gilmary Doyle-Andrews: Once You're Dead Comes Up Grinnin' Pigeonbird 84501 09110
  8. John Prine: Please Don't Bury Me Souvenirs Oh Boy 021
  9. Rachel Baiman w/ Adam Chaffins: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson) Speakeasy Man self 88295-03618
  10. Charlotte Rae: Ballad of the Shape of Things (Sheldon Harnick) Sheldon Harnick Hidden Treasures 1949-2013 Harbinger 3002
  11. Seldom Scene: The Shape I'm In (Dudley Connell) Dream Scene Sugar Hill 3858
  12. Neal & Leandra: Hopelessly Square (Neal Hagberg) Old Love Red House 74
  13. Shel Silverstein: It Does Not Pay to Be Hip Inside Folksongs Water 215 (edit)
  14. Grit Laskin: Soft and Round A Few Simple Words Borealis 001
  15. Dar Williams: The Babysitter's Here The Honesty Room Razor & Tie 2816
  16. Si Kahn: Babysitter Good Times & Bedtimes Rounder 8027
  17. Martha Schlamme w/ Tanya Gould, p.: Ey Lu Lu (The Babysitter's Lament) (trad,arr.Serge Hovey) Martha Schlamme at Town Hall Vanguard 2063

Station Break

  1. Sheldon Harnick & Jerry Bock: Letters from America Sheldon Harnick Hidden Treasures 1949-2013 Harbinger 3002
  2. West Side Story (orig.B'way cast-Marilyn Cooper-Chita Rivera): America (Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim) Columbia Legacy 60724
  3. Donnie Munro: Dance Called America (C&R MacDonald) The Scottish Diaspora Greentrax 380
  4. Sheldon Harnick & Jerry Bock: Get Thee Out Sheldon Harnick Hidden Treasures 1949-2013 Harbinger 3002
  5. Lee Murdock: Jefferson and Liberty (:49) (trad) Here We'll Stand Depot 033
  6. Téada: Reel with the Birl (trad) / Carraigin Ruadh (Brenda Tonra) / Ryan's Rant (trad) In Spite of the Storm Gael Linn 205
  7. Nickel Creek: Elephant in the Corn (Sean Watkins-Sara Watkins- Chris Thile) A Dotted Line Nonesuch 541944-2
  8. Hanneke Cassel: Dianne's Waltz Dot the Dragon's Eyes self 2013
  9. Still on the Hill: When I Go to Water (Kelly & Donna Mulhollan) Once on a River Termite Tracs 88295-08993
  10. Claire Ness: Stampedes of Water Hopeless Romantic Raven Loon 81877-00610
  11. Jean Rohe: Water Jean Rohe & The End of the World Show Laundry Line no#
  12. John Flynn: You Can't Tell Poor Man's Diamonds Flying Stone 009
  13. Eric Andersen: Bumblebee The Best of Eric Andersen Vanguard 7/8
  14. Lucy Billings: Asking You Why Carry the Water Sassy Time 00261-40233
  15. Tumbling Bones: Bright Morning Stars (trad) Loving a Fool self 93447-36692

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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