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031 - 2015

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. B.B. King & Eric Clapton: Key to the Highway (Big Bill Broonzy) Riding with the King Reprise 9 47612-2
  3. Dennis Warner: Beep Beep (Carl Cicchette-Donald Clapps) Main Trail 0814-10
  4. Andy Revkin: Grandpa's Cadillac A Very Fine Line Very Fine Lines 00261-39405
  5. Eric Bibb: Pink Dream Cadillac Blues People Stony Plain 1379
  6. Bob Newhart: General Chariot Corp. The Button Down Mind on TV Collectors' Choice 2045
  7. Odetta: Car-Car Song (Woody Guthrie) Odetta at The Tin Angel Fantasy 3252
  8. Ernest Troost: Pray Real Hard O Love Travelin' Shoes 1004
  9. Danny Schmidt: Faith Will Always Rise Owls Live Once 09
  10. James Gordon: Faith Coyote Calling Borealis 223
  11. Roy Schneider: Old Tyme Religion Ten from the Pen Shiny Gnu 103
  12. Pete Seeger: Old Time Religion (trad-Judy Gorman Jacobs) Sing-A-Long recorded live Sanders Theatre Cambridge, MA 1980 Smithsonian Folkways 40027/8
  13. Free Hot Lunch: Penguin Love (John Corning) Free Hot Lunch! New Sound Planet 403
  14. David Mitchell & Robert Webb: Penguin Meat That Mitchell & Webb Sound: Series 5 BBC Worldwide
  15. Austin Lounge Lizards: Tastes Like Chicken (Fisher-Resnick-H&K Card- Deisler-McLoughlin-Pittman) Strange Noises in the Dark Blue Corn BCM0303
  16. Steve Goodman: Chicken Cordon Bleus Artistic Hair Red Pajamas RPJ-001CD
  17. The Foghorn String Band: Chicken Reel (trad, via Clyde Davenport) Devil in the Seat self 88295-22192
  18. Harold Zimmerman: Crow Call (trad) The Art of Traditional Fiddle (a compilation) Rounder 1166-11592-2

Station Break

  1. Tom Chapin: Dogs & Old Friends (Tom Chapin-Si Kahn) 70 Sundance 027
  2. Bill Staines: Old Dogs Red House 208
  3. Tom T. Hall: (Old Dogs-Children And) Watermelon Wine The Best of Tom T. Hall - The Millennium Collection Mercury 088170126-2
  4. Jonathan Edwards: Tomorrow's Child (Marcus Hummon) Rising 207
  5. Eric Bibb: Circles Natural Light EarthBeat! 73830
  6. Bill Quateman: Circles Bill Quateman Columbia 31761
  7. Joni Mitchell: Circle Game Ladies Of the Canyon Reprise 6376-2
  8. The Mrs. Ackroyd Band (David Knutson): Will the Turtle Be Unbroken? (A.P.Carter, parody Les Ackroyd) Tubular Dogs Mrs Ackroyd 014
  9. Art Thieme: The Great Turtle Drive (Thieme) / Goodnight Loving Trail (Utah Phillips) (Sylvester's Chicago - November 12, 1976) WFMT recording
  10. Tom Roznowski: Turtle Wings A Well Traveled Porch Bell Buckle 004
  11. Bonnie Dobson: Dink's Song (trad) Take Me For a Walk in the Morning Dew Hornbeam 0003
  12. Peggy Seeger: John Riley (trad) Heading for Home Appleseed 1076
  13. Art Thieme: That's the Ticket Folk-Legacy 90
  14. The Mrs. Ackroyd Band - Lesley Davies w/Chris Harvey: Nancy and Willie (L&J Davies-Pollington/Les Barker) Oranges and Lemmings Mrs. Ackroyd 007

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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