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043 - 2015

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. John McCutcheon: The Preacher & the Slave (Joe Hill) Joe Hill's Last Will Appalsongs 2015
  3. Trout Steak Revival: Pie Brighter Every Day self 07541-85919
  4. Durham County Poets: Chikkaboodah Stew self 29982-15304
  5. Utah Phillips: Soup (Maurice Sugar) (Old Town School - May 4, 2003) WFMT recording
  6. Gretchen Peters w/ Jimmy LaFave: When You Comin' Home Blackbirds Scarlet Letter 10
  7. Mary Gauthier: Walking Each Other Home (Mary Gauthier- Gretchen Peters) Trouble & Love In the Black 1007
  8. Eliza Gilkyson: Not My Home The Nocturne Diaries Red House 264
  9. Sons of the Never Wrong: Home Hymn (Sue Demel) One if by Hand Gadfly 268
  10. Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues: It's Too Early in the Morning, Irene Complementary Colors Gadfly 507
  11. Tom Paxton: Coffee in Bed Wearing the Time Sugar Hill 1045
  12. Peter Mayer: The Morning Third Street Blue Boat 1210
  13. Archie Fisher: Half the World Away A Silent Song Red House 235
  14. Kat Goldman: World Away Gypsy Girl self 00261-34567
  15. John McCutcheon: Half a World Away Between the Eclipse Rounder 11661-0336-2

Station Break

  1. Kacey Jones: I'm Living Alone and I Like It Donald Trump'$ Hair IGO 41247
  2. Peter Mayer: Head of the Shed Third Street Blue Boat 1210
  3. Lauren Nicole Heintz: Purpose to the Plan Feels Like a Miracle self 84501-68863
  4. Dan Foegelberg: Part of the Plan The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg Epic Legacy 85280
  5. Allan Sherman: Plan Ahead (Sherman-Goldenberg) My Son the Box Rhino Handmade 7891(D6/Tr14)
  6. Malcolm Holcombe: A Bigger Plan For the Mission Baby Echo Mountain 07541-13389
  7. Brother Sun: These Hands (Dave Gunning) Some Part of the Truth self 002
  8. Joanne Lurgio: Kick Off My Shoes Rise from the Storm self 1003
  9. Tret Fure: Slipper Mood Rembrandt Afternoons Tomboy Girl 83107
  10. Del McCoury: Barefoot Nelly Little Mo'McCoury self 0007
  11. Billy Strings & Don Julin: I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow Fiddle Tune X self 00261-40765
  12. Gerard Hoffnung: I Then Became a Bricklayer A Last Encore BBC Worldwide 780563-536758
  13. Bob Wright and Bill Doerge: The Falling Song 25 Cent Hamburger Sandwich self 00261-39283
  14. James Curley: Unleash the Light There Used to Be a Train Sidewalking Crab 00261-39321
  15. Michael Smith: We Become Birds (Peter Clark Memorial concert - First United Church, Oak Park, August 30, 2015) WFMT recording
  16. Sandy Denny: Farewell, Farewell (Richard Thompson) The Best of Sandy Denny Hannibal 1328
  17. Archie Fisher: The Parting Glass (Judy Goodenough, new verse, Archie Fisher) A Silent Song Red House 236

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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