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014 - 2016

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Lauren Heintz: Rise n Shine Where I Belong Gaterbone 0050
  3. Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplan: Rise and Shine (K.Rose) (Folkstage - December 3, 2011) WFMT recording
  4. Amy Martin: Rise and Shine Live in Missoula self, no#
  5. Marienne Kreitlow: Rise to Greet the Sun Like Noah's Dove Living Song 00261-40551
  6. Kate Campbell: Lay Back the Darkness The K.O.A. Tapes, Vol. 1 (Kate on America) Large River 5415
  7. No Fuss and Feathers: How Much Time (Catherine Miles-Jay Mafale) Traveling Circus Roadshow 88295-38349
  8. Finest Kind: Give Me Just a Little More Time (trad) Lost in a Song Fallen Angle 02
  9. The Swamp Brothers: Time Time Time (Steven Bacon) The Tennessee Sessions Itchy Sabot 007
  10. The Pines (David Huckfelt-Benson Ramsey-Alex Ramsey) w/John Trudell & Quiltman: Time Dreams Above the Prairie Red House 291
  11. Daffy Duck (Joe Alasky): Yesterday Bugs & Friends Sing the Beatles Kid Rhino 71769
  12. (Eric) Lowen & (Dan) Navarro: I Don't Believe in Yesterday (Dan Navarro) Learning to Fall Red Hen
  13. Eric Brace & Peter Cooper: Yesterdays and Used to Be's (Todd Snider) You Don't Have to Like Them Both Red Beet 009
  14. Susie Burke & David Surette: Like I Used to Do (Tim O'Brien-Pat Alger) Waiting for the Sun Madrina 106
  15. Dave Gunning: Time Slips Away Live self 2002

Station Break

  1. Ellis: I'm on Fire The Guest House Singing Crow 89577-74932
  2. Jean Mann: I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen) Between the Rocks and the Stars Blue Flower Friday 84501-98889
  3. Peter Cooper: Two Fires (Eric Taylor) Depot Light - Songs of Eric Taylor Red Beet 020
  4. Jesse Palidofsky: Glad You Made It Through the Fire Dancing Toward the Light Azalea City 1401
  5. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands: Who's That Knocking? The Hazel and Alice Sessions Spruce and Maple 1013
  6. Joan Baez: Silver Dagger Joan Baez Vanguard 79594-2
  7. Gillian Welch: Silver Dagger (Gillian Welch-David Rawlings) The Harrow & The Harvest Acony 1109
  8. Switchback: Wrong You Can Write (Brian FitzGerald-Martin McCormack) Kanoka Way Good 110113
  9. Janne Henshaw: Get It Wrong If I Sing Like That Bird self 44167-16302
  10. Bumper Jacksons: I Learned I Was Wrong (Chris Ousley) Too Big World self 00261-42455-2
  11. Heather Styka: With the Moon While This Planet Spins Beneath Our Feet Kite Stripe 03
  12. Ryanhood: The Moon (Ryan Green-Cameron Hood) Start Somewhere Four Miles 88295-00534
  13. Peter Mayer: Under the Moon Third Street Blue Boat 881210
  14. Susie Blue (Solitaire Miles) and the Lonesome Fellas: Me and the Man in the Moon (Cindy Walker) Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas Seraphic 3743-15
  15. Mame (orig.cast-Bea Arthur-Angela Lansbury): The Man in the Moon (Jerry Herman) Columbia 60959
  16. Debra Henson-Conant w/ Livingston Taylor: Man in the Moon (Ina Hodes-Conant) Live Wires Bose 2203
  17. Dare to Breathe: Under the Full Moon Light Bright Morning Stars self 00003

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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