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028 - 2016

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Brother Sun: Mighty Long Way (Greg Greenway) Weights & Wings self 53701-21522
  3. Pete Seeger: On My Way to Canann's Land (trad) Sing Out with Pete! Smithsonian Folkways 2455
  4. Evie Ladin Band: Jump Up & Go Jump the Fire self 00261-43605
  5. Sweet Charity (orig.cast-Gwen Verdon w/Helen Gallagher & Thelma Oliver): There's Got to Be Something Better Than This (Cy Coleman/Dorothy Fields) Columbia 60960
  6. The Deep Hollow: The Chance Is Worth Taking self 00261-43212
  7. David Mallett: Better Than That (David & Will Mallett) Celebration North Road 06548-68572
  8. Lou & Peter Berryman: It's Better Than That What, Again?! Cornbelt 900
  9. Candide (1989 cast-Adolph Green, et.al., w/Bernstein-LSO): The Best of All Possible Worlds (Leonard Bernstein/John LaTouche) DGG 229734-2
  10. Claudia Schmidt: You Can't Stop It Looks Fine From Here Red House 64
  11. C. Daniel Boling: Singing Your Songs These Houses Berkalin 10021
  12. John Wort Hannam: Chasing the Song Love Lives On Rebel Tone 06152015
  13. Steve Kahn: A Song for You Ravens self 88295-41561
  14. Cosy Sheridan: I'm Afraid the Song Is Broken Sometimes I Feel Too Much self 00261-43774
  15. Brother Sun: The Source of the Sun (Pat Wictor) Weights & Wings self 53701-21522
  16. Susan & Richard Thomas: The Thunder and the Sun (Susan M. Gallion) Live at Juicy John Pink's UVU 552
  17. Ian Tamblyn: Chasing the Sun Voice in the Wilderness North Track 21

Station Break

  1. David Mallett: Second Cup of Coffee (Gordon Lightfoot) The Horse I Rode In On North Road 87158-99772
  2. Chuck Cheesman: Three Cups of Coffee Coming Home self 83707-35692
  3. Tom Michael: The Perfect Cup of Coffee (Beckie Menzie-Cheri Coons) Let Me Be Your Home LML 256
  4. Beth Wood: Miles for Breakfast The Weather Inside Blue Rock 1030
  5. Steve Poltz: Fistfight at a Vegan Brunch Folksinger 98 Pounder 41444-16982
  6. Dan Hart: Tofu Cowboy The Life of Dan Stone Boat 83707-40282
  7. Greg Klyma: Kale Store PianoMandoNation self no#
  8. Tom Chapin: The Ultimate Lunchroom (Tom Chapin-John Forster) Give Peas a Chance Sundance 82148-11252
  9. Mouths of Babes (Ingrid Elizabeth-Ty Greenstein): Gospel Truth (Ingrid Elizabeth) Faith & Fumes self 00261-41545
  10. The Bills: What Trouble Is (Chris Frye-Adrian Dolan-Marc Atkinson) Trail of Tales Borealis 239
  11. Ken Whiteley: Give Your Hands to Struggle (Bernice Johnson Reagon) Freedom Blues Borealis 242
  12. Anne Hills: Mother (Tom Paxton) The Things I Notice Now Appleseed 1199
  13. Lauren Heintz: My Mama Blues Where I Belong self 00261-43517
  14. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands: Mama's Gonna Stay (Alice Gerrard) The Hazel and Alice Sessions Spruce & Maple 1013
  15. Lisa Null: The Mother's Song Legacies Folk-Legacy 145

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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