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037 - 2016

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme) Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. Rebekah Long: Ain't Life Sweet (Rebekah Long-Donna Ulisse- Rick Stanley) LUK 43157-43890
  3. Maria Sangiolo: Life Is Sweet Fairy Moons - Songs of the Ring Raging River 105
  4. Al Day: The Good Life (Somebody Else's Troubles - November 18, 1977) WFMT Recording
  5. Anya Turner & Robert Grusecki: Life Is Good Greetings from Yorkville self ARR 5103
  6. Aileen Vance: Sweet Life Avenida 003
  7. Erika Kulnys: Keep Your Feet Moving Rise Up self 44667-03699
  8. Ivas John: Keep Your Train Movin' Good Days a Comin Right Side Up 88295-28487
  9. Brother Sun: Keep on Going (Pat Wictor) Weights & Wings self 53701-21522
  10. Mary Chapin Carpenter: On and On It Goes The Calling Zoe 01143-1111-2
  11. Bright Star (orig.cast-Emily Padgett, Jeff Blumenkrantz & ensemble): Another Round (Steve Martin-Edie Brickell) Ghostlight 84501-02
  12. Evie Ladin Band: Drinking About You (E.Ladin) Jump the Fire Evil Diane 003
  13. The Hot Sardines w/ Alan Cumming: When I Get Low I Get High (Marian Sunshine) French Fries + Champagne Decca 0024858-02
  14. David Mallett: Survivor Celebration North Road 06548-68572
  15. Johnsmith: Survivors Kickin' This Stone Blue Pine 83707-84062
  16. Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Vicar of Bray (trad) Richard Dyer-Bennet 1 Smithsonian Folkways 40078

Station Break

  1. David Massengill: Number One In America Coming Up for Air Flying Fish 70590
  2. Ragtime (orig.cast-Vanessa Townsell-Crisp-Brian Stokes Mitchell): Till We Reach That Day (Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Ahrens) RCA Victor 09026-63167-2
  3. Graham Nash: Cracks in the City This Path Tonight Blue Castle 1516-8
  4. Millpond Moon (Rune Hauge-Kjersti Misje): Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan) Broke in Brooklyn Tikopia 84501-80023
  5. Alec Baldwin: Hays Code The Phone Book, Version 3 Radio Foundation
  6. Tom Lehrer: Smut The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner-Rhino 79831
  7. Shelly Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirties The Sex Life of the Primate Laugh.com 1186
  8. Michael J. Miles w/ Darol Anger: My Favorite Things (Richard Rodgers) A-sides Right Turn on Red 00261-44144
  9. Kevin Elliott: I'm an Old Panhandler Patterns of Blue Soona Songs 018
  10. Sesame Street: The People in Your Neighborhood (Jeff Moss) Platinum All-Time Favorites Sony Wonder 67660
  11. M.C. Hansen: In My Neighborhood From Whitehorse to the Crow's Nest self no#
  12. Tom Waits: In the Neighborhood Swordfish Trombones Island 90095-1
  13. Yves Lambert Trio (Tommy Gauthier & Olivier Rondeau): Les Oripeaux de ma mignonne (The clothes of my sweetie) / Reel a Chabot (Lambert?) Laissez Courir les Chiens La Pruche Libre 2-4561
  14. Andrew Finn Magill w/ John Doyle: Jigs - Don't Touch That Green Linnet (Tommy Peoples) / Dancing Eyes (S.Ryan) / The Humors of Cavan (trad) Roots self 00261-44064

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).

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