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October 2017 Pledge Drive

This Saturday evening, October 28 between 8 and 12 we'll offer the following premiums that will be exclusive to our folk programming.

"The Best of Folkstage" multi-CD set. Six CDs filled with the artists listed below from the past seven years of Folkstage. This premium also will be available as an MP3 thumb drive. While Rich hasn't quite finished producing it yet, it will contain about four hours of music. ($175) Here is a list of the artists, in alphabetical order who will be on the recording:
Ainslie, Scott
Alarik, Scott
Albert & Gage
Armstrong, Jennifer
Barris, Sally
Bedford, Ben
Bettman & Halpin
Jim Bizer & Jan Krisdt
Black, Mari
Boling, Daniel
Bowers, Bryan
Brace, Eric
Braunfeld, Michael
Brother Sun
Capps, Annie & Rod
Carey, Edie
Chapin, Tom
Cook, Scott
Cox, Ronny
Crookston, Joe
Dagmar, Anna
Donohue, Pat
Dunn, Maria
Fendrick & Peck
Add Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers
Folsom, Rebecca
Ari & Mia Friedman
Fure, Tret
Glaze, Susie and the HiLonesome Band
Gordon, James
Gorka, John
Greenstein, Robin
Greenway, Greg
Grimm, Tim
Gunning, Dave
Hannam, John Wort
Harpeth Rising
Harris, Kim & Reggie
Heaton, Anne
Jencks, Joe
Johnson, Jacob
Robert Jones & Matt Watroba
Kalinec, Brian
Klyma, Greg
Koch, Libby
Ladin, Edie
Mabus, Joel
Magpie (Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino)
Malvinas (Beth Cahill-Gina Forsyth-Lisa Markley)
McQuaid, Sarah
Mallett, David
Mondlock, Buddy
Mosrie, Louise
Mt. Theolonious
Mulford, Zoe
Murdock, Lee
Mustard's Retreat
Newcomer, Carrie
No Fuss and Feathers
O'Brien, Molly & Rich Moore
Ocean Trio (Jennifer Cutting)
Pearson, Heather Trio
Peppard, Rosalee
Perkins, Hillary (Nell Robinson)
Photoglo, Jim
Purpose, Darryl
Red Tail Ring
Reid, Harvey: Circles
Rogers, Sally & Claudia Schmidt
Rohe, Jean
Romanelli, Elaine
Rucker, Sparky & Rhonda
Run Boy Run (Matt Roland)
Rutstein, Sonia
Schmidt, Danny & Carrie Elkin
Siegel, Corky
So, Kevin
Solebello, Carolann
Spuyten Duyvil
Stray Birds
Struthers, Nora Jane
Styka, Heather
Suchy, Chuck
The Once
The Sea, The Sea
Troost, Ernest
Verch, April
Villa Palagonia (Joseph Ravo & Allison Scola)
Wainwright, Sloan
Warner, Dennis
We're About Nine
Weber, Dan
White, Don
White, Kenny
Wictor, Pat (see Brother Sun)
Wilcox, David
Williams, Jack
Williams, Randall w/Dirje Smith, cello, Helena Nash, harmony v.
Wood, Beth
Young Novelists (Graydon James & Laura Spink)

Sons of the Never Wrong: Song of Sons
Their new CD for all pledges at the $60 level.

Folkstage there are only six seats available for the coming year of Folkstage concerts. We present about 25 concerts per year from the Levin Studio. Upcoming concerts are posted at: http://www.midnightspecial.org/fsschedule.htm
There will be more.
$250 per seat, plus a $25 per person initiation fee.

The Midnight Special New Year's Eve celebration: 9:30 until 1:15 with snacks, desserts, libations and a champagne toast at midnight, live on the air.
Capacity is limited to 50 people

This year's performers are:
Chris Farrell
Fendrick & Peck
Rev. Robert Jones
Heather Pierson

$200 per person